General Care

Using your NeueChair as it was intended will allow it to provide you with its best performance for years to come.

1a. Friction
  1. NeueMesh is a fuss-free and durable material, but like all materials, it can be worn down when subjected to excessive friction from rubbing.
  2. Emptying your pockets to ensure there are no sharp objects on you before sitting will also go a long way in preserving your NeueMesh.
  3. Avoid leaving heavy objects on top of the mesh for extended periods, as this may affect the tautness of the mesh in the long run.
1b. Forceful Unintended Usage

Do not apply your full body weight onto the armrests at any time. Doing so while getting up or lowering yourself onto the chair may result in additional wear and tear or even damage.

While supporting your elbows and forearms is what we designed our armrests for, we have also stress-tested them beyond standard requirements, with forces of up to 1125N (253lbs), and the entire chair is also BIFMA X5.1 approved.

Upholstery and Materials

2a. NeueMesh

Vacuuming can remove loose particles and prevent the build up of dust and dirt. Ensure gentle use of a hose attachment and avoid abrasive materials like bristles or moving attachments.

Accidental liquid spills should immediately be blotted dry with a soft, absorbent cloth, then wiped gently with a mildly-soaped damp cloth at room temperature. Be sure not to rub or use excessive force. Leave chair to air dry with proper ventilation.

In case of stubborn oil-based stains, the use of a commercial dry cleaning solution may be required. Test the cleaner on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility.

2b. Armrests

A quick wipe down with a mildly-soaped damp cloth will take care of most surface dirt. A few passes with a moist soft-bristled brush can also remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas. Be sure to dry with a cloth after doing so.

2c. Metal Frame and Wheelbase

Using a dry microfiber cloth to periodically remove dust and particles will help maintain the frame in its original state.

For Silver NeueChairs:
For additional protection in humid environments, we recommend applying a thin layer of protective wax to the chair’s metal frame periodically.

Not required on Obsidian NeueChairs as they are equipped with an additional layer of industrial plating.

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