Secretlab vs Neue

How do you choose between a Secretlab chair—for its award-winning adjustable features and comfort—and a NeueChair, engineered for ergonomics and full-on productivity?

If this is a question ringing in your head, you aren’t the only one—we’ve received many similar questions over the last month. After all, both chairs are fully-adjustable, designed to provide full comfort, and built with incredible materials to last for years.

So to help you make the most definitive and informed decision, we speak to Jon from the Neue team on his expert take on both chairs.

In short...

Secretlab Chair NeueChair™
Purpose Award-winning adjustable features and comfort for any situation Engineered for ultimate ergonomics and full-on productivity
Support Sit strain- and stress-free with ample customizable support for both your neck and back Alleviate your lower back from strain and stress with adjustable lumbar support
Allows for an almost full recline for greater relaxation

Great for correcting your posture
Plush feel with cold-cure high density foam and memory foam pillows

Sleek feel with a premium 3-layer mesh of DuPont yarn and top-grade polyester
Upholstery Options
  • Gives you the perfect balance of premium softness and durability with Secretlab PRIME™ PU leather
  • Provides you with dream-like softness with Secretlab SoftWeave™ Fabric
  • Elevates your seating experience to the pinnacle of luxury with Secretlab NAPA leather
  • Keeps you cool even in a less-ventilated corporate environment with NeueMesh™

Why Secretlab?

Secretlab suits a wide array of users, and is probably a better all-rounder. It gives that perfect balance between comfort and support, and is unbelievably built for its price point. It feels very plush thanks to the high-density cold-cured foam, making it unquestionably comfortable, and a great fit for both a gaming setup and an office.

The tilt mechanism also makes Secretlab chairs a better choice for more casual usage, allowing you to recline almost fully while watching YouTube videos, or even taking a nap in.

Secretlab chairs also come with different upholstery choices:

  • PRIME™ PU: The most versatile and popular option because of its soft and premium feel, coupled with its durability and resistance to liquids. Secretlab chairs were originally designed around PRIME PU leather and signature cold-cured foam for good reason.
  • SoftWeave™ Fabric: A naturally-soft, fluffy fabric upholstery, inspired by streetwear, and ages better than most materials. It also provides the coziest feel and breathability, making it a great choice for any environment.
  • NAPA: The ultra-luxurious option, made with top-of-the-line Napa leather. Quite a bit cooler to touch than the above two. Also gives an indescribable buttery-soft feel on the skin—it’s hard to explain until you’ve tried it.

Why Neue?

If you’re all about productivity, go for the NeueChair, which is confidently backed by a 12-year limited warranty as a measure of its mechanical authenticity, as well as quality of materials.

It’s an absolute ergonomic machine that is great for correcting posture. If you’re not seated in a well-ventilated environment, the NeueMesh is great for keeping you cool as well.

Its sleek silhouette makes it better suited for a corporate environment. That being said, I think the NeueChair (particularly the Obsidian version), has that ‘wow-factor’ that is almost non-existent in mesh chairs, so it’s perfect for offices that want to flex just a little. It is quite a bit pricier than a Secretlab chair, but comes with an outstanding durability guarantee, which once again, is perfect for corporate usage.


I’ve tried both Secretlab’s chairs and the NeueChair extensively.

I’d keep to my NeueChair to maintain productivity and razor-sharpness to power through my work in the day. However, I’d yearn for the more plush and the enveloping sensation of my Secretlab chair when I get home and am about to hop onto Dota 2. Yet as I switch back to my NeueChair in the office, I find myself appreciating the focus and ergonomics more. This cycle would then repeat itself almost every day.

While it’s hard to pick a clear favorite between the two, it’s safe to say my peak enjoyment comes from using the right chair at the right time.